Tartan Plaid

For some reason I just can’t get away from plaid. I love plaid. I blame it on my many years as a Catholic school girl. I wore a plaid burgundy skirt that I always rolled up (don’t ask me why, we all did it even though it was an all girls school). While burning a hole through my pocket in my town’s pitiful excuse of a mall I stumbled upon this shawl. I actually spied it while going down the escalator 5 minutes before Sears closed. As soon as I put it on, I felt fancy! This baby was coming home with me.

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Hijinks & Shenanigans

Hi wonderful people!!

I went with some friends to see some comedy last night. I had such a chill fun time. I love low key events like that. The show was hosted at a local restaurant that I have been known to frequent in the past. The line up was ok but the hosts were a riot.

Mmm tis the season to get in the spirit

Mmm tis the season to get in the spirit

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It’s All About the Ambiance

We went to Labadee Village today. It is a small town outside of Au Cap. There is a popular beach that cruise ships dock at when visiting Haiti, however that beach is closed off to the local Haitians. We went to another smaller beach. It was a really cool beach. Almost better than my hometown beach. They had Haitian oldies but goodies blasting on the radio, a very tranquil and green dining area and the water was so pretty. You could see the mountains and the town in the distance. Unfortunately my camera was misbehaving so I don’t have many pictures. I am still waiting on my pictures from my cousin’s friend. I will update when I get them.

We went on these motor canoes to get to the Village.

Notice how my legs are positioned. This is why I have my sunglasses on in the water. A swimmer I am not.

One of my cousin’s cool friends who I later found out is basically family.

Gorgeous view.

The cool friend is an artist. Au Cap was having an art exposition that night & he was designing clothes.

Don’t mind my peg leg stance.

Unfortunately my design got messed up in the crowd shortly after.

In the words of Ice Cube, Today was a good day (beware if you are sensitive to profanity).

Are you a good swimmer or do you make do by splashing around like me?

First outfit: Top: Urban Outfitters; Shorts: Target

Bikini: H&M

Second Outfit: Top: Sears; Shorts & Sandals: Target



Always dressed up


Hope you guys and gals are all well. Not too many words today. I am really loving the sequins trend right now. Although I don’t have much sequins in my closet, sequins just seem to be something that liven up any outfit. This is what I wore to work today.

Looks as if I’m wishing on a star

Who knew this Mr. T-esque gold chain would become such a staple!

The little girl in me loves everything sequined!

We don’t have a dress code at work, so I am almost always “overdressed”. However, I don’t consider myself overdressed or dressed up. I like to look nice and I don’t think I should save my clothes for some special event; especially since I spend 5 days a week and 8hrs a day at my weekday job.

Love, love these wedges. So chic & cute. Love the various textures.

Are you ever made to feel as if you’re always overdressed, or are your friends, coworkers and family into fashion and style too?

Blooper: When checking yourself out goes wrong lol.

Top: Sears; Pants: H&M; Shoes: Aldos

Birthday State of Mind

Hello all,

These pictures are from my birthday weekend (4/27-4/29). I spent my birthday in New York aka the city that never sleeps (literally). I went to New York to see the Lion King on Broadway. I have wanted to see the Lion King for years, but for reasons out of my control it never happened, until now. While I was in New York, a Haitian band was in town and performing at a popular restaurant/lounge SOB’s. So of course I had to go and check them out. Although I had a good time, my birthday wasn’t quite how I had envisioned it. Here’s hoping there’s a next year lol (morbid I know). Enjoy the pics!


We went to The Brooklyneer to wait for the RAM show to begin. One of my favorite things about New York is the plethora of bars and restaurants in all of the boroughs. I wasn’t too crazy about this place though. The music was deafening, you couldn’t carry a coherent conversation in there. The food was just ok for the price. I am glad that we didn’t have to spend that much time in there though.

I really want to know what is up with restaurants/bars having 5 maybe 6 items to choose from for a meal. One would think this means that the items will be especially delicious. But nope, they always seem to be average at best.Image

I ordered chicken tacos, they were just ok.


My friend who accompanied me to New York for the weekend.


A photographer at the event took my picture, and it came out very nice.


The musicians were being entertained by a rather drunk woman by the stage. Her antics were very R rated.


Notice this guy on the right hand side, he is not part of the band or the show. He jumped onto the stage and proceeded to steal the show lol. He was quite entertaining as well.


But the show must go on.


Outfit Details

Top: TJ Maxx, Pants: Sears, Shoes & Jacket: Arden B, Clutch: F21


The Tribeca Fim Festival was wrapping up that weekend.  Althugh there weren’t any films that I wanted to see, I knew that there was a Family Festcial that day. I thought that there would be vendors to give my hard-earned money to, but I was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t that kind of festival :(. We stayed for a bit, and took in the sights and ambiance of the city.

What’s a trip to the Big Apple without having lunch at one of their may dinerss. We stepped out of the train station and lo and behold, there was a diner just waiting for us to feast.


This giant chessboard and pieces made me think of Alice in Wonderland

My heart almost stopped several times for them. These bikers were serious daredevils. I will post a video (apologies in advance, I do not know how to edit).


What’s a trip to New York without bumping into a goat that climbs stairs?


A group of school children were on hand to perform, I had to get out of there quick before I started to have silly thoughts of making one of my own.



Tourist pic!


Very cool, but I have no idea what it is supposed to represent.


Who do I bump into while making my way to the theater? Why Elmo of course.


I’m finally here!!


Hands down the best show that I have ever seen. I recommend it to you if you are into the arts and theater.





Rafiki was played by a woman, and she was THE star of the show!



Why is my mouth always open??


Outfit Details

1. Jacket: Arden B, Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: Sears, Shoes: Target

2. Coat: Charlotte Russe, Dress: Nordstrom, Shoes: Arden B