Deep As The River Blue

Happy day!!

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

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Little Lady

I am a big heaping mess. I say that with all the love, affection and regard that I have for myself. I’m the type to spill food on my lap while eating with gutso. I trip and stumble all of the time. I get strange and unidentifiable stains on my clothes. I scuff my heels. The list goes on. But today ladies and maybe a gentleman. Today, I look like a lady.

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

Who knew I would like muted colors so much?

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“Looking Like New Money”

Happy New Year!!! Hey listen, yes I can still say happy new year if I haven’t seen the person since the new year started. I was in Senegal for two weeks. Hence my disappearance from internet land. You can follow my adventures on my travel blog.

I love the vibrant print on this skirt. The cut and fit isn’t exactly how I envisioned it, but I love it so much that I was determined to give it a whirl as soon as I could. I love African textiles. Love them. Wait till y’all see the plethora of cloth that I came back with. I can’t wait to learn how to sew.

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Animal in the Nude

Hello wonderful people!

Hope you’re faring well and staying stylish. I’ve surprisingly been having a good time shopping my closet. I’m not quite sure when I came to the realization that I have way more than enough clothes to last me for a while, save the super trendy pieces that are currently out (peplum, baroque, oxblood). Continue reading

Fight the Power?

Hello, hello!

I don’t think people realize how many messages we convey based on our attire. All creatures send messages to each other throughout the day, These messages are overwhelmingly nonverbal. Whether we are aware of it or not, we tell others a lot about ourselves based on how we adorn our bodies. And the reason for the sociology lesson today you ask lol?

Well whenever I am low on time, I like to plan a no fuss outfit that can get me out of the door faster than you can say binder full of women. No fuss outfits generally consist of black or denim. Today was one of those no fuss days. I was tired and I had no interest in being creative. An all black ensemble was called for. I added the fuchsia shoes because it will be too cold to wear it in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Welcome, You Are Home


The vacation is over. The momdukes and I left the Dominican Republic and we are flying to Haiti. From there, I’m taking a flight back to Boston. I enjoyed my vacation, but I actually am looking forward to getting back to my regular routine. A vacation isn’t really fun for me after two weeks. Can’t wait for more family time.

Love her more than anything else in the world

Welcome, You are Home
These words ring very true to me

I don’t know why I am always intrigued by this sculpture

Wrap: H&M; Romper & Sandals: Target; Fedora: F21

Benvenido a Puerto Plata

Hi all,

Here are some pics from my vacation at Lifestyle Holiday Suites & Resorts in Puerto Plate, Dominican Republic. I stayed there for three nights with mi madre (my mom). It was nice & relaxing, and I enjoyed having some bonding time with just me and my best friend. Yes, I am a cornball cuz this woman really is my bestie. I tell her just about everything lol.

The greenery was lush, and it was just so pretty and I slept like a baby in our extra comfortable suite.

Top: Urban Outfitters; Shorts: Target; Sandals: Old Navy