Brace Face part 2

Hello again!!

Few words today. Overall I had a decent experience as a brace face. I can’t say I loved it though. To me, it was a necessary evil. Let me count the ways in which braces affected my daily living.


  • Finally taking the plunge, because I’ve wanted to “fix” my teeth since I was a child
  • Payment plans
  • Helpful staff who were patient and able to answer all (I had a lot) of my questions
  • Flexibility with appointments
  • My decreasing waistline due to my teeth/gums being sore
  • Having braces at 28 gotdamn years old
  • These torture devices cost over $4000
  • Feeling self conscious about the foods I eat in public
  • The headaches, cuts and sores caused by the braces
  • Lack of appetite due to my teeth/gums being sore Continue reading

Brace Face

*Brace face: (n) – a person with braces

Guess what y’all?! I FINALLY got my braces removed (June 14, 2012)!! Can you hear the excitement in my voice, if not I can TYPE LIKE THIS lol. For those unfamiliar with my orthodontic journey, feel free to read look at my pictures on my old blog. I got braces on October 28, 2010. I decided to get braces because I didn’t like the gaps/spaces in my teeth, and I wanted to have them closed (simple right?). When getting a consultation for braces, they generally tell people that they will beĀ tortured wearing them for two years give or take some months. I was horrified at the prospect, and during every appointment, I made it a point to ask my orthodontist (who is AMAZING by the way) when she thought I could get them removed. While being a brace face, I have heard so many funny (read ignorant, intrusive, dumb, pseudo compliment definitely not ha ha funny) comments about my braces. Continue reading